Permanent makeup is the Art and Science of implanting color into the dermis (second layer of skin). This process is used for cosmetic and corrective purposes and enhances the definition of eyebrow, eyes, and lips.
I like to keep it simple for my clients. That is why my price is only $250 per session for any technique. All permanent cosmetic procedures are a multi-session process. Usually 2 visits (initial and touch up) are required before it can be determined that your work is complete. Any session is around 2.5-3 hours long so please plan your time accordingly. 






  • eyelash enhancement

    Eyelash enhancement

    Pigment is placed at the base of the eyelash hairs only, making lashes appear darker and thicker.

  • eyeliner


    Eyeliner defines and enhances the beauty of your eyes.

  • shaded eyeliner

    Shaded eyeliner

    Shaded eyeliner will give you a subtle shaded pencil look that will accentuate the shape of the eyes, and give the appearance of thicker eyelashes. Different result can be achieved depending on client's needs. From smoked out liner to subtle lash enhancements with the softest shading on top, this procedure can be tailored to create many desired effects.

  • eyelash lift and tint

    Eyelash Lift & Tint


    Lifts the lashes and creates an intense, wide-eyed look. The lift makes your natural lashes look significantly longer and thicker. The unique formula containing collagen and cysteine, the ingredients pamper the lashes during the treatment and let them appear groomed and full. Lashes can be tinted immediately after the lifting treatment. 

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